Slippery when wet…

Well here I am. Virtual swim-suit on and standing on the high-board looking down at the patch of blue that is my open lap-top screen. Big breath and dive – arghhhhhhh! Splash. Sink. Swim? And emerge in the wonderful world of the blog-o-sphere. Kick back, blow some bubbles and look around. Come on in, the water’s fine!

My first blog. Scary. As a writer I tend to guard my words – the written ones are special. I seal them up in password protected files and unlock them when I’m alone, turning them over in my mind, rolling the words off my tongue, letting them take me where they will. And I’ll keep doing that – it’s an integral part of my bower-bird personality, the “look at that glittering thing over there, let’s take it and keep it safe” thing.

My “walking out in the world out loud” self is another thing altogether. I throw words about like confetti – explode them like those party-poppers, wave them about like sparklers. Delicious, gorgous treats to be shared. Here, take some, I’ve got plenty more cooking. No, no, really, you have to try this – you’ll adore it, promise. In other words “come play with me”. Ah ha! I think I’ve found it – yes. It’s the “come play” factor of the blog that I like. It’s what has got me reading blogs like Penni Russon’s beautifully whimsical Eglantine’s Cake. Or the whip-smart Pursuit of Harypness – and the divine Mixed Nuts by Nadia Niaz – and yes, I’m just naming a few because quite frankly it is taking me a while to get the hang of this stuff and if I list any more we’ll be here till Armageddon. Good. So yes, I wanna play. I do. Even if, just like the playground, I may get the cyber equivalent of the odd football to the head (crikey I was a magnet for that as a kid!) or step into a game I’m really not equipped for – remember British Bulldog? (An outrageously violent school yard game where you had to run from one side of the oval to another, dodging thugs whose job it was to take you down in any way they could. It was banned at Donvale Primary because of the broken bones and bloody noses – which made it even better). But hey – I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it may just be fun. And that is something I’m always up for. Except when I want to nap. Then I want you to pat my head, tuck me in and tell me everything will be just fine. Napping is its own kind of fun. So I am now going to do the terrifying thing and hit “publish post”. And then I’m away. Let the ride begin.

Author: amindtotravel

I teach journalism which to me means clear, concise writing with verified facts written within a strong ethical framework. I also want words with enough verve to jump off the page & hijack me to another place. Until then a single malt, netflix & a good lie down will have to do.

3 thoughts on “Slippery when wet…”

  1. Welcome to “putting yourself out there” in a more persistent fashion. 'Tis a brave place to go, but one for which you are well equipped. Blog on!


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